DUC Marine Group, in cooperation with Wagenborg,  have removed the damaged and sunken parts of the seriously damaged Friesen bridge in Weener. The work supported by divers of the DUC Group took several days after the Ems reopened again for all ship traffic.

The bridge was destroyed when a 112-meter long cargo ship ran into it. The middle part and foundations of the bridge were destructed in the accident, with damages estimated at ten million euros.

Meanwhile the analysis of the voyage-data-recorders of the ship were in the focus of the investigations. Another question was who was at the helm of the “Emsmoon” when she slammed into the bridge.

There was suspicion that the pilot himself had took over steering the ship at the time of the accident, as the Russian master of the ship was unable to communicate in German. Neither the master nor the pilot have testified yet. There was no suspicion of alcohol consumption.