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DUC Marine Group nearing completion of new MPSV “Solution”
DUC Marine Group, the Dutch-based specialist in Diving, Marine and Offshore Construction Services, is building a new Multi-Purpose Support Vessel, the MPSV Solution.

DUC Marine Group has over 30 years of experience with international projects on and under water. The Multi-Purpose Support Vessel Solution is the latest addition to DUC’s varied fleet of support vessels.

The vessel can be deployed for a wide range of operations such as Buoy Installations, SPM Maintenance, Bathymetric Survey, Soil Investigations, UXO Survey and Clearance, Cable Removal, Debris Removal, Grouting Works and Bubble Curtain Deployment. The vessel is also strong enough for beaching during Cable Projects.

Ideally suited to Offshore Wind Construction
Though versatile, DUC’s Solution was primarily conceived to suit the requirements of the Offshore Windfarm Construction industry. With most current vessels in the market being either too small or too large, this new, medium-sized multi-purpose support vessel will fill a gap in the Offshore Renewables industry requirements.

The Solution has a length of 55 metres, a draft of minimum 2.80 metres and maximum 3.50 metres with a 12 knot cruising pace and a 14.7 knot top speed. The vessel is optimised for fast mobilisation with many innovative details. She is highly manoeuvrable, yet stable with an advanced DP2 system that also prevents fatigue.

These features, in combination with a low water draft and high capacity cranes make the Solution ideally suited to work in Offshore Wind Farm environments such as the German Bight.

Survey and ROV suitability
Flexible enough for diving, ROV operations and light construction work such as foundation grouting, Solution’s general manoeuvrability and extended endurance is also especially suited for survey work with Ø1,20 m moon pools.

Where smaller vessels may need to cease operations during bad weather and high sea states (over 1 m), Solution is designed to remain operational. The Heave Compensated Winch of the main crane enables safe launching and recovery of ROVs and other equipment in waves of up to 2,5 m significant.

Lifting capacity
The vessel will have two Iron Fist hydraulic knuckle boom cranes. One SB- yeside amidships, rating 90 Tm and another, larger, 200 Tm tonne knuckleboom on its aft PS. As mentioned above, the main crane has an Active Heave Compensated Winch (effective for loads of 10 tonnes in up to Sea State 4) and to give extra capability, this line can also be led over the 20 tonne A-frame. A 6 m wide sternroller is fitted at her stern and foundations are already in place for easy installation of a towing winch.

Another special quality is the vessel’s stability. The low water draft has been matched with a low air draft, which all makes for a better DP capability around the windfarms: neither the water current nor the wind has too much influence compared to bigger, deeper vessels.

The vessel’s DP2 system is essential; using a standard anchor is usually not possible near live cables in windfarms, so operations have to rely on DP2 systems to remain in position.

Full dive spread in under six hours
Solution’s design is time-efficient. Once equipment is on location, a full dive spread can be mobilised in just under six hours with strongpoints for containers and LARS systems in place for easy hook-up.

The accommodation provision also renders the vessel suitable for 24/7 operations. On DP2, Solution has a 25-day endurance and, on 4-point mooring, an endurance of 40 days.

On Solution’s main 250m2 working deck the container locks are flush mounted to allow for an easy hook-up of dive containers and LARS. In addition, there is a special area on the boat deck for containerized accommodation, such as offices or workshops.

The accommodation can provide for over 20 people in spacious single occupancy or for up to 42 people on shift rotations. Fittings for internet and TV connection have also been installed in the cabins.

All the lines, water, electricity, sewerage etc. are in place providing a ‘plug-and-play’system. DUC has also ensured that there’s room for the installation of a whole Ampelmann or similar gangway.