Niger Delta, Africa

The Jack-up barge “Lewek Leader” lost one of her three spud legs during works in the Nigerian Delta at the very last day of 2012. A section of approx. 45 m length broke and sunk to a water depth of 36m. Due to the very long almost invisible swell the circumstances were very difficult for hoisting.

DUC Marine Group was asked to perform the diving works. A decompression chamber and other vital diving equipment was rented locally and a team of experienced DUC salvage divers set off to Nigeria. DUC worked from the sheerleg Cormorant. Although localisation was easy, connecting heavy slings and shackles on a very long, almost invisible ocean swell proved to be a challenge.

After lowering the main Jib to lower the centre of gravity, the sheerleg was less sensitive to the swell and the team successfully connected the deck hoists to the spud. The spud was loaded on a barge and sent to the breakers.

Categories: Offshore, Offshore Salvage