Offshore construction requires expert knowledge and experience.

With new technologies continually developing and changing, it is important for your suppliers and subcontractors to have up-to-date knowledge of underwater installations and constructions.
That is why DUC Marine  is Group always up to speed on the latest developments.

Our thirty-five years of experience has resulted in being able to successfully and efficiently solve complex offshore construction challenges.
We are able to assist with various kinds of Offshore Construction and Installation activities:

•    Pipeline Repairs
•    grout- and hydraulic gripper line removal
•    Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
•    Non-Destructive Testing
•    Debris removal
•    J-tube repairs
•    Boatlanding extensions
•    Sonar transponder installation
•    Cable repair
•    Subsea cable trenching
•    Inspection- and jacket repair works
•    Corrosion Assessment
•    Sheet pile inspection and repair
•    Anode supply and subsea installation
•    Mooring, and Chain Anchor Leg Surveys
•    Dropped Object Surveys
•    Subsea Cleaning
•    Pipeline Inspection, Stabilization and Repair
•    ROV, Specialized Tooling and Sensors
•    Rope Access

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