Your materials in safe and capable hands

DUC Marine Group is highly qualified to take care of repairs and maintenance. We have experience with sheet piles, pipelines, piles and other related underwater materials, and we are available for all kinds of marine repairs.

Constructions and structures located in, near or in contact with water, are subject to the corroding effects of both fresh and salt water, which can lead to serious damage to the materials. Regular maintenance and repairs at an early stage will prevent damage and enhance the life span of the structure.

Our Repair and Maintenance services often go hand in hand with our Inspection and Survey work. By performing wall thickness measurements, carrying out test drillings and inspecting anodes we can determine the condition of the materials to determine whether repairs are necessary. We have an extensive range of materials, equipment and work vessels available. Our fully equipped work vessels ‘Ram’ and ‘Assistant III’ are on call and can be deployed quickly.

Concrete Repairs

DUC Marine Group has extensive experience with concrete repairs. We have performed under water concrete repairs in Tunisia, Turkey, India, Germany, UK, Belgium and other locations. Our expertise includes pouring concrete (grout) underwater and grout injections. Our experience ranges from dam wall repairs to reinforcing concrete piles.


Steel piles located on the wind/water line have a lot to suffer from corrosion. DUC Marine Group has developed a method to preserve the piles, using our Pile Encapsulation System.

We have two ways to attach reinforcements around the piles. Our first method is to encase the reinforcement with a polyester jacket and pouring an extra layer of concrete around the pile. The second method is to fit the polyester jacket tight around the pile. The layer between the pile and the ‘jacket’ is then injected with epoxy, effectively gluing the jacket to the pile. Both methods have proven to be long lasting and efficient solutions.

Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance

DUC Marine Group has extensive experience with swimming pool maintenance, specifically with movable swimming pool floors and submersible booms.
We have carried out construction and maintenance work on hundreds of swimming pools, ranging from private pools to the Aquatics Centre (Olympic Pool) in London. Due to the increasing popularity of movable swimming pool floors, we are expanding our work across the globe from UK, Belgium, Ireland and France to Australia.

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