Commercial Diving

Diving is at the heart of DUC Marine Group

DUC Marine Group employs a large crew of permanently employed divers. They each have their own special skill set such as Concrete Repair, U/W Welding and Cutting, Salvage Works, UXO Detection and Removal, Sonar and ROV Works, etc.

Our crew is the heart of our operation. They are dedicated, resourceful and motivated to get a job done on time and within budget.

Being permanently employed, our divers and support staff are fully committed to our company and our clients. We can rely on their expertise, experience and ingenuity to provide a basis for consistent quality.

The most important quality of our people is their ability to invent ingenious and resourceful solutions to even the most difficult challenges.

We ensure our divers’ certifications are up-to-date and they adhere to every Health, Safety and Quality requirement.