Solid construction requires a solid partner

DUC Marine Group has wide expertise in underwater construction projects. We have experience with underwater concreting and grouting, installation of constructions and objects, underwater system maintenance and other construction support. We continually adept to the changing technologies and developments in the maritime sector.

With our versatile equipment, creative solutions and experienced crew DUC Marine Group is available for a wide range of underwater construction projects.Our expertise in civil underwater construction comprises projects such as:

  • Parking garage construction
  • Basements construction
  • Dams and sheet pile cleaning and maintenance
  • Dredging under boat lifts
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Locks and pumping stations
  • Drydocks

For many of these projects we have designed purpose-built equipment and solutions.

Underwater concreting

We specialize in pouring concrete underwater. Underwater concreting is often used for permanent repairs, structure installations and other applications in today’s marine construction industry.  When subsoil water cannot be pumped out of the building site our divers can be employed to pour concrete underwater. This prevents the surrounding area from settling and risky situations are avoided.

Examples of underwater concreting uses are:

•    Structure foundations and slabs
•    Embankment stabilisation
•    Pier and Pylon footings and supplement
•    Pipeline and cable encasements
•    Boat Ramps

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