DUC owns a fleet of multi-purpose vessels for inshore and offshore purposes.

The fleet, crew and naval contacts are managed by MARITIEM, the maritime part of DUC MARINE GROUP.

For inshore contracts DUC has a variety of floating devices, work platforms and work vessels.

For offshore projects DUC owns two vessels with versatile possibilities.

Our vessels can be equipped for Diving Intervention & Assistance, Salvage Work, Survey, Small Scale Dredging, Blasting, Coating Works etc.

DUC’s Vessels are also for hire. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities, we are happy to be of service.

MPSV Solution

DUC’s new Multi-Purpose Support Vessel ‘Solution’ is perfectly suited for operations such as  Buoy Installations, SPM Maintenance, Bathymetric Survey, Soil Investigations, UXO Survey and Clearance, Cable Removal, Debris Removal, Grouting Works and Bubble Curtain Deployment. The vessel is also strong enough for beaching during Cable Projects.

‘Solution’ has a length of 55 metres, a draft of minimum 2.80 metres and maximum 3.50 metres, and a cruising speed of 12 knots. She is diesel-electric powered by a combination of six Volvo Penta D13 diesel engines delivering 475 kW each; two 650 kW electric Omega Verhaar azipods providing aft thrust, and two 450 kW electric thrusters at the bow.

One of the bow thrusters is the swing-up type. The vessel is equipped with a DPII system for superior positioning with an impressive DP-capability plot. At ‘Solution’’s stern, there is a six-metre-wide roller, with the option to install a 50 ton tugger winch. A 20 ton A-frame and two Ø1,20 m moon pools is also included to facilitate survey work.

‘Solution’ can accommodate a sizeable crew, with sleeping arrangements for 42 people and capacity for additional client offices on the vessel’s upper deck. Extra measures have been taken to avoid noise and vibration in the accommodation areas, and all cabins are equipped with TV, internet and air-conditioning.

Time and cost efficient
DUC is committed to helping its customers save time and money. ‘Solution’ is designed to optimise mobilisation and take advantage of the best day rates. Once equipment is on location, a full dive spread can be mobilised in just under six hours, because strongpoints for containers and LARS systems are already in the correct position. The accommodation provision also makes the vessel suitable for 24/7 operations. On DPII, ‘Solution’ has a 25-day endurance, and on 4-point mooring, an endurance of 40 days.

ROV support
Solution’s heave compensated crane, economical day rate and efficient fuel capability provide attractive advantages for ROV support operations.

Survey suitability
Solution’s Ø1,20 m moon pools, general manoeuvrability and extended endurance make it an ideal vessel for survey work. Where smaller vessels may need to seize operations during bad weather and high sea states (over 1 m), ‘Solution’ is designed to keep going. The large survey desk in the bridge or office on the main deck can be used to place equipment and review data or data processing.

Assistent III

The “Assistent III” measuring 20 x 4 metres is ideally suited for the smaller (diving) jobs in inshore waters.


The ‘Ram’ is 56 metres long, it is equipped with a hydraulic knuckle boom crane rated at 150 T/M (tonnes/metres), with a maximum range of 27 M, at the bow and a telescopic crane rated at 60 T/M, with a maximum range of 21 metres, at the stern.

The permanent accommodation is suitable for four crewmembers and five passengers. The ‘Ram’ can operate up to 20 nautical miles off the coast.

The ‘Ram’ can also be equipped with extendable spud poles (up to 27 metres long), it has a four-point mooring system and is prepared for diving activities with the presence of breathing gas compressors, buffer tanks and a decompression chamber.

Solution video and photographs

Photography courtesy of Wim Kramer and Lucas Kramer